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June 20, 2013

Thrifted Treasure #5

Good evening.  The sun shone brightly in my little corner; it was a beautiful, cloudless day reaching into the mid 70's. Five of the Littles spent the day at Grandma's house, so I was able to putter around getting a bit of this and that done.  I helped Hubby in our new addition by screwing hardware onto the windows and painting a couple of doors.  I can't wait to share the progress with you. I also did a little work in my vegetable garden; it hasn't even been a week since I last weeded and rototilled, and the persistent weeds have all come back.  One particular weed IS literally grows as thick as a carpet.  See how it has invaded my cucumber plants?
Fortunately, they are easy weeds to pull...the roots are very short.  I haven't figured out what type of weed it is yet, but I'm certain it comes from the manure I till into the soil. I'm bound and determined to win the battle against this weed because the manure is a great fertilizer, and I get an unlimited supply, free of charge...compliments of Sir Isaac and his brother Jacob.  

Okay...onto the thrifted treasure that I want to share with you today.  I have a small collection of vases of different sizes and shapes. A few of my favorites are a milk-glass vase that I picked up for $.50; a little blue one, edged in gold, that was found in a "free" box at the dump; and two sweet, yellow vases that were $.99 each.
While taking the pictures of the vases, Little White Hen crept into the background, hoping for her Internet debut...I thought it was cute enough to share.
A few photos of the vases doing what they do best...
Bouquet and Photo by My Daughter
Photo Taken by My Daughter

Bouquets and Photo by My Daughter
I also couldn't resist snapping this photo of Little #9 this morning.  She looked so sweet in her dress-up hat, and then I noticed that her blue blouse and mustard yellow shorts matched almost perfectly with the colors of my thrifted vases...I simply had to share it. 
Back to the all-time favorite vase is this hand-blown beauty that I found for $4.99 at the Goodwill.

It is such a beautiful piece; it has an elegance about it that none of my other vases can compare to, and I love the air bubbles.  They give it such distinctive charm.

I'm almost hesitant to use it for fear of breaking it.
I filled it with seashells and other treasures we have found on trips to the beach...
...and tucked it safely on a high shelf.
It's almost a shame to keep it hidden so far away, but I keep telling myself that someday I will bring it down...someday when little hands aren't quite so little, and the vase's life isn't in danger.  Someday.  For now, it will have to be content being home to the seashells.

Thanks again for stopping by my little corner.  I hope you enjoyed my "thrifted treasure" as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.  Good night!


  1. Love the yellow vase : ) beautiful photos as well!

  2. I stayed home from church sick this morning and have been doing laundry. Thought I should drop a note telling you how much I LOVE your recipe! I was truly becoming discouraged with the standard recipe which used to work so well - actually it just now occurred to me that our area hooked up to city water a few years ago, I wonder if there is a connection, hhmmm. It may just be that the more pink my girly-girl acquired, the more I noticed the dinginess. The other one also seemed to be leaving weird "grease" stains. I don't know, what I do know is that I have been using yours for a week and I am sold! Thank you so much for posting it!

  3. recioe? what recipe?......I better go back and scout around again. Going to be following......I love farm type blogs, country, whatever....the cow is just awesome

  4. I used to have a subscription to Country Living magazine, but your pictures and ideas are even better! The colored vases with wildflowers are lovely. Thanks for blogging.

    1. sweet of you to say that. Thanks for coming by my corner and taking the time to post; it means a lot to me to hear from the people who stop in. Country Living is one of my favorite magazines, and I would LOVE to purchase the UK version of Country Living someday...I'll have to save my pennies for that extravagance.

    2. I used to live in England and their country living is awesome, but Country Life is even better. The cow or bull looks like a Jersey

    3. Yes, Janice, he is a jersey. My grandfather's farm consisted of all jersey and guernsey cows. I have a soft spot for them now. Our two cows, which a actually considered oxen now, have a cute story behind them...I will have to share it sometime. :)

      Country Life, you say...I will have to save more of my pennies. ;) Anything to feed my admiration for England and all things English. I dream of living in a old farmhouse somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales, complete with barns, rock walls, sheep...


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