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August 7, 2013

Thrifted Treasure #7

It's been awhile since I have posted some thrifted treasures, but I recently found lots of goodies at the Goodwill, and I'm so excited to share them with you.  I purchased some practical things that we have been in need of, and I also found a few items that were of the frivolous nature.  I think I will start with the frivolous finds because...well, they are just more fun.

The first item is this beautiful teacup and saucer set.  I have a growing assortment of teacups, and I was thrilled to be able to add this delicate gem to the collection.  I love the unique design of this set...the soft blue contrasts so nicely with the brightly colored birds and flowers.  The gold trim and fluted edges add a soft elegance.
I think this has become one of my favorite teacup sets, and guess only cost $1.99.
I also found another set for $1.99...actually Hubby found this one for me. When our daughter has appointments with her doctors in the big city, Hubby and I always like to check out the Goodwills in the area.  Hubby found this antique set on one of our little shopping excursions, and he thought I should have it. Of course, I didn't argue.
Isn't it darling?  It reminds me of something my great grandmother would have had in her kitchen. This set is less elegant and more practical, yet it still has a dainty charm about it...sort of "shabby chic", don't you think? 
Along with teacups, I also have started collecting Ironstone, and I found this Ironstone creamer with a half-off tag on it, making it a whopping $.50.
I knew immediately what I was going to do with it.  Instead of using it as its intended use, I turned it into a sugar bowl on my coffee and tea station.
The next item is not so gentle tea sipping for this "bruiser".
This one has a very serious job of holding the morning cup of coffee, and I couldn't just buy one...I had to get two!
Hubby and I saw these two mugs sitting next to each other in the housewares section of the Goodwill, and we both agreed that they needed to come home with us.
As we move down the line from frivolous to more practical, I'll show you the great enameled pot I found for $5.99.
I wanted to add a pop of color to my kitchen, and I recently found some great tangerine stools for our island.  Since getting them, I have been on the lookout for something else in this great orange color, and I found it! This pot matches almost perfectly; plus, I enjoy cooking with enameled cookware. onto the boring, practical items. 
We have needed a new toaster oven for over a year, but I was too cheap to go out and buy a brand new one.  I knew if I waited, I could find a thrifted one for much less.  On our trip to the city Goodwills, I found this like-new toaster oven for $12.99. With a little soap and water this appliance was ready to start toasting. I'm so glad I waited and didn't pay $40 for a new one. 
And the last two items...
a DVD player for $9.99 and a VCR for $5.99

Yes, we still use archaic electronics...we haven't really moved into the world of Internet TV yet.  We have so many VHS tapes and CD's that the kids love, and we were sad when our VCR bit the dust a few months ago (along with our CD player). Well, we are up and running again, and the Littles have been enjoying some old movies from my childhood..."Benji", "The Wizard of Oz", "Lassie" and lots more. My mom gave me a box of family-friendly videos that my siblings and I watched as kids, and now my kids can enjoy them (thanks to some thrifted electronics).

Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share my simple thrifted treasures with you. It's always more fun when you can share your bargains with someone else.  I hope to see you again soon!  Have a great night!

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  1. Great finds...and I love that first tea cup! So pretty. I used to own a tea house and bnb, that item would have looked lovely on our tea tables! Enjoy .


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