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September 11, 2013


I know most people living in our neck of the woods probably cringed at the 90+ degree weather we experienced today, but it actually made me smile.  After waking to an almost freezing 34 degrees the other morning, I savored the return of summer, even if only for a day or two. The cool, crisp days of autumn are a welcomed reprieve after the hot, humid summer, but I know too well what is lurking afterwards...the all-too-long, blustery, cold winter that New England is so well known for. I will, therefore, accept any warm days that the season has to offer. It's pretty crazy, though...fearing frost and wearing a wool sweater one day and seeing temperatures soar into the 90's the next, but that's New England! The thermometer on my car read 102 degrees today, and I parked in the shade.  Even so, the heat from the day made me smile, and I thought I would share a few other smile invoking moments of the week.

...the clear blue sky
...using the new "teacher" pens that Hubby left as a surprise on my desk one morning (with a sweet note)
...newly repaired goat fences
...a large basket of freshly picked tomatoes
...hydrangea bushes in full bloom
...freshly canned plums from locally grown trees
...recently organized games

...finding the perfect material and tutorial  for a quilt I want to make as a gift

...sipping  iced coffee while waiting for the kids' soccer practice to end

...witnessing my daughter, who struggled with school the past two years, complete Algebra, Chemistry, Apologetics, World Geography, an English composition, and two Latin classes before 1:00 pm with enthusiasm

...reading this blog

...watching this new Masterpiece program with Hubby on Sunday night after the Littles are tucked into bed

What has made you smile recently?


  1. We've been having nice weather here, too- a bit too hot and a lot too muggy, but so good for getting as many pre-fall and winter things as possible. How are you liking Silk? I've had to watch it alone, hubby is still on swing shift. Can't wait for day shift in October. I do like watching a bit of t.v. or reading in quiet together after everyone else is in bed!

  2. Ooohhh, post more school stuff soon! I am always in need to godly examples of home-education .... I love the canned plums... right now, in the ice and -32C weather here in Ottawa, they look like pure gold.


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