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September 16, 2013


After a busy week of juggling soccer practices, homeschooling, housework, job-related work, errands, end-of-garden harvesting and preserving, and keeping up with busy babies and toddlers, we appreciated a quiet weekend at home.  The hustle and bustle of getting ready for Sunday morning church, I do believe, was the most taxing event of the weekend.  The Littles enjoyed a break from their studies, and Hubby and I worked on crossing off a few things on the ever-growing list of chores.  We even fit in a tiny bit of much-needed relaxation.

Snippets from the past weekend...

Perfectly poached eggs on toast...savored.
The Ball  Blue Book came off the shelf again...
and seven pints of cucumber relish have been added to the preserve shelf in the pantry.
Mounds of laundry were tackled.
Hubby worked on our farmhouse table...
and did a bit of work in the pasture, clearing stumps and rocks and smoothing out the ground.
Archenemies called a truce and shared the coveted chair for a few hours.
Excitement mounted in anticipation of the first soccer games of the season.

Lovely weather encouraged lots of outdoor play.
Cloth for my  new project was chosen and washed.
Hubby and I grabbed a few minutes and ran into town (alone) for groceries then sipped coffee and tea as we drove the "long" way home. Later we enjoyed our Sunday night tradition of dinner and Masterpiece Theatre together after the Littles were tucked into their beds for the night.

I hope you all had a great weekend and found yourself refreshed for the new week.

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