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October 31, 2013

(Cozy) Thrifted Treasure #10

I'm so excited to share my thrifted treasures with you today.  As the days get colder and the nights grow longer, one is certain to find me hunkered up with one, if not more, of the items that I am going to share with you today.   I am calling this my get-ready-for-winter, stay-cozy thrifted treasures. Not only are these items thrifted treasures, they are on top of my list of favorite things.

#1  A Good Book
I love to browse the book section of thrift stores; Hubby and I could spend hours in a used book store.  On a few of our many trips to the orthodontist this past month, I stopped at the Goodwill, which happens to have a great book section.  I was on the hunt for a knitting how-to book, but, instead, I found a stack of novels.  I can't wait to begin reading them.  The Deadwood Beetle looked especially interesting.  At less than $2.00 a book, I think I did pretty well stocking up on some cozy, winter reading.

#2  Vintage Quilts

One can't read a book without a cozy blanket to snuggle under...well, at least, I can't.  I was so excited to find these two quilts, each at different thrift stores.  One was $2.00, and the other was $5.00.  Can you believe it?  They are in very good condition for their age, and I love how soft they are, perfect for burrowing oneself into with a good book. The vintage fabrics are wonderful, and I love the fact that I am putting to good use something that was tenderly handmade by another. 

#3 Tea in a Pretty Cup

A good book, a warm blanket, and, of course, a cup of tea...what more could one ask for on a cold, blustery winter evening? I love this pretty little mug, made in England, and for $.99, I could not pass it up.  I think it is a very nice addition to my ever-growing tea cup collection.

#4 Knitting

I recently re-learned how to knit, and I am grabbing every minute I can to click those needles together.  I can't believe I waited this long to begin a hobby that I am enjoying so much.  I borrowed a pair of needles from my mom to get started, but I found a big bucket of needles at a thrift store and scored a number of different sizes for only $.99 a pair.
I also found a great little basket for $2.99.  I think it is a perfect container for my knitting supplies.

So, with my thrifted treasures, I have prepared myself for a cozy winter, a stack of novels, vintage quilts, hot tea, and knitting...almost perfect...I simply must add one more thing...

#5 A Cat in My Basket


  1. Awe, so cute! Great finds:) Happy Halloween

  2. Loving that tea cup! Hope you get to the reading and cozy blankets this weekend. Visiting via 'live,laugh,linky, thursdays' blog hop from over at

  3. What gorgeous finds. Those quilts are gorgeous. I love a good old second hand quilt. How's your cat? That cracked me up. Thanks for linking up to Thriving on Thursday.

    Anne xx

    1. Aren't old quilts the best?!?! I just love them too!
      Mr. Farnon is doing great...thanks for asking! :)


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