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October 24, 2013

Handmade Baby Clothes

I love dressing my little ones in handmade clothing, so I was pleased to pull out of storage a stack of dresses that I sewed for Little #6 a few years ago.  She wore them for only a short time before outgrowing them, and I regretted not cutting out a larger size.   I am so happy now that Little #9 will be able to wear her sister's dresses, and, because of her petite frame, Little Miss #9 may be able to wear them for two years. 
I wish I could tell you the name and where I bought each fabric, but I'm horrible at keeping track of where each fabric came from.  I know that some are from well-known designers and others are from the $1 a yard sale rack.  In spite of not remembering where I purchased it, I do love the cotton fabric of the above dress...the green apples are perfect for fall, and by layering with a long sleeve shirt and/or sweater and a pair of tights it works nicely for winter.  I used my basic, go-to Simplicity dress pattern for most of the dresses. It is a vintage pattern, handed down to me from my mother.  I love how versatile it is, offering multiple sleeve and bodice styles. After building the basic dress, I then have the freedom to embellish any way I wish.

This next dress, I do remember, was made from a $1 a yard fabric and a free, hand-me-down, white blouse.  You know how I love re-purposing old items into new and useful things.

The next dress was made using the scraps from another project, and I had just enough lavender calico for some delicate ruffles.
Although, lots of buttons were used on these dresses, I didn't have to purchase any of them. They all came from the button stash my mom started when I was very young. Not wanting to waste anything, my mom would cut all the buttons off old clothing before discarding it and then sort the buttons by color into mason jars.  I remember on snow days when school was cancelled, sitting in front of the wood stove sorting those colorful buttons.  Mom still has that wonderful stash, and now I get to use the pretty, vintage buttons that she took the time to save.

The next dress was made using Sugar City's, Village Frock pattern (which, unfortunately I don't believe is available anymore).  This is one of my favorite patterns, and with all the great buttons out there, new and vintage, the options are endless.  A few of my favorite variations of this dress can be found herehere, and here.

I used this tutorial as a basic guide for this last dress, changing the sleeves a bit and adding elastic at the waist.  And...I think I remember the fabric being a Michael Miller interlock.  I may be wrong, so all you fabric gurus out there, please, feel free to correct me.

Dresses were not the only thing I found; I also pulled out some pants for the Little Man.  They were worn by his older brother two years ago, and they still have lots of life left in them.  I used Anna Maria Horner's reversible Quick Change Trousers pattern found in Handmade Beginnings.  I love these little pants; they whip up easily and are so stinking cute on baby's bum.
It was fun pulling out the hand-me-down clothing and remembering when the not-so-little-anymore little ones wore them, and it,  was very rewarding to know that they were lovingly made by their mama.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner today.  I hope you will come again.

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  1. LOVE the village frock!! And would not be difficult to come up with my own version at all- my eight year old just came up and wants one, though she doesn't like ANY pouf to her sleeves (sad face, boo!). Almost 2 year old will have to have the poufs, heehee. I am in the beginnings of a sewing frenzy- *must* sew up the little dresses I never got around to with said eight year old- at 40, who knows how many more there may be, and even then, if they would be girls! Hubby's family runs more towards boys, lol.

    1. Sewing for little girls is so much fun!!! I'm sad that three of my girls are already past the stage of wanting to wear mommy-made dresses, but I still have two that think they hit the jackpot when they get a new handmade dress. :)
      If you do make a version of the Village Frock, I would LOVE to see it!

    2. Lol- is that nice lady speak for, "get off your tuchas and start blogging already"? I will definitely post it WHEN I make it, I like it sooo much! I do have some projects I'm finishing up and "plan" to start posting regularly. I've been very happy you do, though!!

    3. Lol!!! I will be waiting for the "Village Frock" post. ;)

  2. These turned out adorable!! Thanks for sharing with us at our All Things Thursday blog hop!


  3. So cute! I have 2 boys,and I did miss dressing a little girl! Love your little pieces that you sewed with love! Glad you have another one who can get some wear out of them. Happy week end!

  4. I LOVE the pants. In fact my littlest turned 3 and I simply extended the pattern and made her some new ones. Finished a pair just yesterday!
    I love the dresses, too, and admire your patience with them. So much detail!

  5. Thank you for your visit this morning, so happy to return the visit and love your blog! Tricia @

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