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January 6, 2014

I have shelves!

The lazy days of our holiday vacation are over.  It's back to work for Hubby, and the Littles and I resume school lessons today.  Although we enjoyed our last day of doing nothing yesterday, as the sun went down, we slowly started to feel the weight of knowing the peaceful days of vacation were coming to an end. I think Hubby felt it the worst, he loved being home on the homestead every day, organizing the barn, doing chores with the kids, fitting in a few wood-working projects, keeping the house toasty warm during our below zero temperatures, fixing things in the house that have been desperately needing his attention for weeks (maybe even months), and having the time to play games and take a few runs on the sled with the Littles.  If only we could bottle up that lovely feeling of having no appointments and time constraints, of being all together every day, and having the time to enjoy the small things in life.  We know life must go on, but we want to hold on to those stress-free, lazy days as long as we can.  We ended the day by staying up as late as we dared, drinking tea and watching the long-awaited season opener of Downton Abbey, a great end to a great holiday season. 

One of the projects that Hubby was able to work on was the shelves in my new laundry room/sewing studio. Finally!!!  He finished painting and installing them this past Friday, and, of course, I had to immediately set to work filling them.  The Littles helped by sorting buttons for me and then putting them into antique bail jars.  I slowly started going through my sewing supplies, putting them in baskets and metal containers that I have been saving for this project.  I'm so happy to finally have my shelves, and I look forward to working on them some more in the upcoming days.

I wanted to add a little update on Molly.  Your comments were so sweet and very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to post them.  She came home from the vet's on Saturday and is doing great. The toxins in her system were greatly reduced by the IV fluids, and she is feeling so much better.  She seems to be her old self again.  We know this is temporary, and it doesn't "fix" or heal her kidneys, but it has relieved any suffering and has given us more time with our special friend.  Since coming home, she has slept curled up in her usual spot between Hubby and me, and Miss Teddy was able to return to her old post, guarding Little #6 as she sleeps.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you all have a lovely day.

edited to add:  The kitty pictured today is not Molly.  This one, whose name is Polly...and no, our cats don't all have rhyming names... has claimed my sewing studio as her own, and she kept me company as I was filling shelves with sewing goodies.


  1. I know just how happy those shelves made you, shelves make me happy too. Actually anything that allows a little more organization in my life makes me happy.

    1. I'm tickled pink when I can organize something. ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love the thread spool holder.

  3. Love the shelves, I may need to try something like that. Nice blog too.

  4. I love the idea of using mason jars for storage. We always love when my husband is home for his eight days straight (his schedule is five weeks of swing shift and then 8 days off) but always get sad when he has to go back. I know he does too. Oh well. There's always lotto!! : )


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