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June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice

After a long winter and a wet, chilly spring, we gladly celebrated the Summer Solstice, soaking in every minute of our longest day of the year.  Annie commented on one of my recent posts saying, "You seem to have jumped almost overnight from snow to midsummer..." and that really does seem to be what happened.   We are ever so thankful for the changing seasons, and even though it seems impossible at times, summer does eventually come to our corner. The garden is planted; the flowers are blooming; the Littles are running barefoot, and the sun is setting even after the youngest ones have fallen asleep.  Summer is here, and  we welcomed its arrival by...

...finding a guinea hen nesting spot in the flower garden.  Little #8 filled two buckets full of eggs.  Someone will now have the fun job of "floating" the eggs making sure we only keep the fresh ones.

...painting our new porch.

...roasting marshmallows over a camp fire two nights in a row, even Jacob and Isaac, our Jersey oxen, were taken in by the mesmerizing crackling of the fire.

...reading books on the porch.

...puttering in the flower beds and trimming limbs on a tree near our flowering crab apple.

...picking wild flower bouquets.

...sipping iced tea and enjoying the last few days of my sister's visit.

...riding bikes.

...eating grilled chicken and ice cream.

How did you celebrate the Summer Solstice?

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  1. That camp fire looks great, lovely images of Summer. We celebrated with a long afternoon and evening spent down at the river. Hard to believe we're past the longest day now, Winter days may be shorter but they don't seem to whizz by like the longer Summer ones do!

    1. Oh, I know...I was just mentioning to Hubby how I wished the summer days would slow down a bit. Summer seems so short in comparison to winter.

  2. I forgot you have those big oxen! They look like they are living the high life in the green grass with the wildflowers.

  3. Such an absolutely wonderful post!! I didn't know you had oxen!!!! : ) Congrats on your new porch!! We only have a very small porch. Our neighbors added a large front porch to their home about two years ago and I keep telling my husband I want one just like it. Hopefully, someday!! : ) Have a beautiful week!!

    ~ Wendy

  4. There isn't much that I can say but all looks and sounds so good.
    ps love the colour of the porch.

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate the solstice. We were camping with friends and had a ceremony at a stone circle, a shared afternoon tea (with scones and cream) and then a fire on the beach it was great!

  6. so glad you joined :) Love your summery photos! I wish I had a porch to paint, but I have a patio and I pretend it is a porch. Sister visits are so lovely, mine was here a few weeks ago and I wished she could have stayed longer. Celebrating the summer solstice is something I wish we did when we were little :)


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