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August 14, 2014


Thanks to my daughter for this lovely photo

With a week that, so far, has not turned out quite as I had expected or planned, I've decided it would be a perfect time to focus on what has brought a smile to my face the past few weeks, the small things in life that I can so easily take for granted when my days become busy and or my mind is focused on all that needs to be accomplished or taken care of.  I mustn't let these little gifts of goodness pass me by without taking notice or showing gratitude. 

     a basket of antique, wooden clothespins picked up at a yard sale for $.25

     the joy that radiates from our little girl, even when life throws her multiple curve balls

     beautiful sunsets viewed from the porch

     a bountiful harvest of fresh vegetables 

     pretty little violas in the garden next to my doorstep

     newly thrifted wool blankets hanging on the line (they will be so warm and cozy this winter)

     cuddles and snuggles from our new little friend

     a game of pick-up sticks, passed down from Grandpa

    ending green beans on the porch with lots of little helpers

What has recently put a smile on your face?



  1. Lots of lovely little things, and they are so easily lost amongst bigger things. Hope your days get back on track soon too.

    1. Thank you so much, Sally, for faithfully taking the time to post a comment...I do so enjoy reading every one. :)
      Things have started to slowly get back on track, and I am looking forward to the weekend, hopefully to do some simple puttering.

  2. A lovely post Emily, reminding ourselves of those beautiful ordinary moments can keep us grounded even when the going is tougher than we want. Hoping you have a good end to the week :)

  3. Pick-up sticks - oh my! I haven't played that since I was a kid. Lovely sunset picture, going down behind the Maine woods. And I'm not a cabbage fan, but that is a pretty picture. :)

  4. Sorry to hear that things have been a bit difficult Emily but I'm so glad that you have some happy things to focus on. Lovely vintage finds and another sweet addition to your family that keeps growing. Happy days.


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