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April 28, 2015


Good morning!  It's been a horribly long time since I have posted, and I have missed you all.  I do hope all of you are well and are enjoying the wonderful change from winter to spring.   It is so nice to see the ground again and smell the thawing earth, to hear the rushing waters of the nearby river and the early morning songs of the birds.  It is still a bit chilly here in our corner, but that is okay.  The season has changed and spring has sprung! 
When I sat down to write, I wasn't sure where to much has happened over the past month... so I decided to share a short overview of the highlights for the month of April.

Trees were tapped; sap boiled; maple syrup enjoyed (sometimes by the tablespoon full).

Puppies were born.

Birthdays were celebrated (two for us in the month of April).

Another trip to Children's Hospital was taken and tough decisions were made. 
Surgery was undergone and recuperating took place.

Our first red cardinal was joyfully spotted on the farm (I have been trying to attract this beautiful bird to our property for many years...hoping he will return).

Snow melted; buds swelled; eggs were laid; spring arrived.

Looking forward to the month of May!


  1. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a busy month. Always enjoy your posts!

  2. I love your glimpses of spring and of your lovely family too!

  3. We are sure glad for the beautiful spring as well! Vegetables and herbs have been planted and sprouting indoors just waiting for a garden to call home. Looking forward to more time outdoors! :)

  4. Welcome back and happy spring! What types of hens lay the pale blue eggs. They are beautiful.

    1. Our blue egg layers are Americanas. Some of the eggs are blue and others have a greenish hue..they are so pretty and fun!

  5. I've missed you Emily. I was going to email to see if everyone is ok. I was wondering if there had been any hospital visits. I'm so glad that have reason to celebrate. Happy harvest and birthday celebrations three birthdays including the puppy. How wonderful. And your fruitful farm with eggs and syrup...happy days.
    Roll on May.

  6. Such busy, happy days :). You sound like you have all had a wonderful month.

  7. When you look back on it like this, it looks like a wonderful month overall, although I'm sure there were some tough moments at the time, and I hope the recuperating is still going as well as it looks in the photo.


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