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August 17, 2015

A Trip to the Antiques Barn

Good morning!  What a beautiful August morning it is! The sun is shining; the air is warm; the insects are chirping and buzzing their August tune (August just has a distinct sound that no other month has).  The day will be hot, but I am drinking in every last minute of these late summer days because autumn is near, which I was reminded of this morning as I sent two of the Littles out the door for their first session of their fall pre-season soccer. Yes, these days are to be savoured.

One thing Hubby and I enjoy doing, at least once during the summer, is antique shopping, and we had been hankering all summer long to make a visit to this one particular place, a huge old barn full of antiques and junk, well mostly junk, but such a fun place to browse amongst the dust and cobwebs in search of treasure.  We didn't think we would make it there this year, but last weekend the opportunity presented itself, and we gladly accepted. We both had in mind particular items that we would be looking for, things that we needed, as we are trying to be very conscious of what we purchase and keeping the clutter to a more buying items simply because they are cheap or interesting...they must have useful value.  Hubby was in search of wooden shovel handles, which he found, because so many of our shovels are in need of having their handles replaced, and I had a few household items in mind, including aprons, which, unfortunately, I did not find.  I did, however, bring home a few oh-so-very-useful items that I am very excited about.  It's funny how "useful" has slowly turned exciting over the years.

A lovely watering can was the first thing I laid my eyes on and after some careful inspection of the nozzle I decided I would be taking it home with me...then, I put it down, thinking I didn't want to carry it all through the barn with me, that I would pick it up on our way out.  Well, I forgot to pick it up, and we ended up turning around, after we had already buckled hot, whiny kids in their car seats and drove two miles down the road. Hubby graciously ran back in and purchased my watering can.

The next item that found its way home with us was a wonderfully large and sturdy drying rack. It can hold an entire load of much as I can currently hang on my clothes line.  I wanted more drying space, but Hubby and I were having difficulty finding a spot to hang more line. This rack is the answer to my drying needs. It is so sturdy and big! I couldn't wait to wash a load of laundry just so I could use my new rack...imagine that...excited to do laundry.
I also picked up a few wooden laundry baskets.  I spotted them near the end of our visit and was hesitant to purchase them because of their price, but then just as I was leaving the stall they were in I noticed a sign saying that everything in that booth was 50% off.  Bingo!  I had myself two new laundry baskets.

The final item is this enamel chamber pot which works as our new "chicken bucket". It fits perfectly under the sink, and the lid keeps everything covered up until it's time to feed the chickens.
We also picked up a few things for Little #9's upcoming birthday, which I will wait to show in order to keep them a surprise.
Hunting for thrifted treasure is such fun, and I love coming home with items that are so useful and make life on the homestead that much easier.  (Still on a search for a few aprons.)

An update on Maggie, our new kitten...
   As I mentioned before, the Littles found a kitten that had been hit by a car a few weeks ago.   It was heartbreaking...her tail was dead; she was covered in maggots, and she couldn't use the lower half of her body.  The Littles said they heard her meowing in the woods, and when they found her she was dragging herself towards them with her front paws. She drank an entire bowl of water on the way to the vet's office (we held back food in case she would need surgery).  The vet estimated that she had lain in the woods, possibly unconscious, for three days.  Her spine was broken at the base of her tail, but in spite of her horrific ordeal she was perky and begging for attention.  The vet said they would remove the tail, clear her of the maggots, and care for her wounds, but we would have to wait and see if  the nerves from the spinal break would recover.  After a week, Maggie was doing wonderfully. She was eating and drinking like a champ, her tail fell off on its own (no surgery), and she was able to stand and walk on three legs.  The vet said she was such a cheerful kitty, full of energy and desire, and  she didn't seem to be bothered by her injuries.  She, however, was unable to go to the bathroom on her own.  The nerves to her bladder were still not working, and the vet was expressimg the bladder three times a day (sometimes more).  We decided to give her some more time.  After another week Maggie was still not able to go to the bathroom, so after getting second opinions and a long discussion with the vet, we made the  tearful decision to lay Maggie down to sleep.  She was scheduled for 9:00 am the next day.  Hubby was going to the hospital to be with Maggie and then bring her home to be buried peacefully under the trees. It was a sad morning, I struggled with putting such a loving, cheerful kitten down to sleep...I just wanted more time, more time to allow for possible healing.  I prayed for a miracle.

At 9:00 that fateful morning, I was trying to keep myself busy so as not to think about the sadness taking place at the vet.  I went to the shed to gather canning jars for pickles I would be making that day, and I heard the phone ring. I ran in the house to find that it was Hubby. I picked it up, expecting him to say that it was over and he was on his way home.  Instead his voice was chipper as he explained to me that a vet, at the hospital where Maggie was, met them in the waiting room and told them she decided to take Maggie home with her, to give her more time, to express her bladder and watch for signs of healing.  She said she would start with a month.  She wouldn't let her suffer, but she wanted to give her more time.  She said the hearling process can take quite some time, and they really don't know enough about the nerves and spine to say that Maggie is ready to be put down. If we were willing,  she was offering to do this for free, and if Maggie improves and the nerves heal, she will give her back to us.  I received my miracle! We are now praying for little Maggie's full recovery. 


  1. Wonderful news about Maggie and what "useful" treasures you found! I love thrifting ๐Ÿ˜„

  2. There is a big barn in Fairfield Maine that I discovered last summer. Full of treasures. I love antiquing too.

  3. Emily, what a traumatic story about poor little Maggie. It never fails to amaze me how much animals can suffer, yet manage to survive and still be happy and joyful. Your vet sounds like a wonderful person - as are you guys for helping her.

  4. What a wonderful story Emily and how kind your vet is. She sounds like a lovely person. I'm sure with all the care that little Maggie has had and continues to have that you have a very good chance of receiving you hoped for miracle.

    I love all your vintage buys. We've going to vintage shops and auctions a couple of times a week now to try and find the things we need for the house. We are so tempted by all the lovely old and interesting things we see. But like you Emily we want only to buy that have a use so we are being strict and have mental list of those things we can buy. It's good that your finds are both useful and beautiful...William Morris would have approved. Great finds. Thank you for sharing your lovely story that I'm sure will have a happy ending and your lovely finds too.


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