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May 14, 2013

I Finally Did It!

 Well, this is very first blog post.  You wouldn't believe how long it has taken to actually take this plunge into blog-land.  I have been contemplating this for over a year now; countless times I have started to create my space, designing a header, taking pictures, imagining future posts, but I could never get my self to actually post that first entry.  I follow a number of fabulous blogs, and have been inspired by so many of them, so I finally decided it was time to join in the fun.

     As I was drinking my cup of coffee this morning and working on this post, Hubby ran in the house exclaiming, "You have to see this! Our apple trees are loaded with blossoms for the very first time!"  I quickly threw on a pair of Wellies and a coat (it was a very chilly morning here in the Northeast), grabbed my camera and went to see our orchard full of glorious blossoms.  We have been working on our small apple orchard for a number of years, and this was the first time our trees bloomed.  This was a monumental moment!  If the bees do their job in pollinating, we could be harvesting bushels of apples this fall!  I thought it would be very fitting to use the photos of our very first apple blossoms in my very first blog entry.

     I'm very excited about beginning this adventure of journaling the daily goings-on that make up my little corner of New England.  I look forward to sharing my passion for old farmhouses and the simple life-style associated with them. Throw in our  very large gaggle of children, a few farm animals, some sewing, thrifting for vintage goodies, ideas for frugal living, and I think we will have loads of fun.


  1. Hi, I had to leave a comment as I know how exciting it is to read them : )Your blog looks as though it is going to be lovely - I'll be back!
    sorry I've had to include my blog address here as I can't get it to link up otherwise and you might wonder who on earth I am!

  2. Your blog looks wonderful! I love your house as well. Ilona

  3. Welcome to the blogging world. I look forward to hearing more about this amazing house you built - it is our dream too!

    Stopping by from Soulemama.


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