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May 15, 2013

Waves of Sunshine

Lovely Daffodil Blossoms in my Thrifted, ($2.00) Roseville Pottery 

I love fresh-cut flowers in my house...they are like a ray of sunshine that can lift my mood, even on the grayest of days.  I also enjoy the flowers in my garden; I have planted gardens in all corners of our farm, in an attempt to surround myself with their beauty all season long.

 After almost seven months of enduing winter's snowy blanket, seeing the color's slowly emerge from the icy soil puts a spring in my step.  The crocuses are the first to come up, such tender little flowers with iron wills, pushing their delicate noses through the snow into the harsh cold temperatures; unaffected, they open their little faces to the sun and smile at the world around them.  In my yard, the daffodils are the next to come...oh, how I love the cheerful yellow waves in the garden bordering the house!  They are a sign that spring is here to stay. The Littles are attracted to them too.  Knowing how much I love flowers in the house, they are so tempted to pick them and proudly "surprise" me with a bouquet.  I have tried to explain to them that Mama loves having flowers in vases in the house, but I also enjoy them in the garden.

  One morning,  after I recently commented to Hubby how my daffodils were a little more sparse than in years past yet I was thankful for their sunny presence, my three year old comes to me with an armload of daffodil heads.  He was beaming with excitement; he hit the jack-pot; he was going to make my day! Unfortunately, I did not share his enthusiasm. He had picked every single blossom, and they had no stems.  My sunny wave was gone.

My eldest daughter, ever so sweetly, gathered up the sunny faces and arranged them the best she could in a bowl of water, which we placed on the center of the island attempting to enjoy their quickly, fading faces.

Despite my dismay at having all of my flowers picked, I really am in a win-win daffodils will be back next spring, and I have the joy of knowing that my little boy wants to bring me happiness.  Maybe he can help me plant enough bulbs this fall to support his "pickings" and my waves of color in the garden.

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  1. Oh my! That is disappointing but so funny! Love the photo. Your post is lovely.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest


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