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May 18, 2013


  Yesterday was sunny, yet cool and breezy...perfect for getting some inside chores done, a great opportunity for washing and hanging bedding on the line.  Aren't line-dried linens the best?!?!  Except, silly me...I put my sheets on the line so that I could have that sunny, fresh-air experience when I went to bed (I was looking forward to it all day), and I forgot and left them hanging on the line too long.  By the time I remembered, they were soaked with dew.  I had to put them in the dryer in order to make my bed.  They had lost that line-dried smell and feel...oh, well, at least they were snuggly warm; it dipped down into the 30's last night...brrrr!

The kids and I dusted, mopped, vacuumed and swept; we opened the widows and let some of the crisp, spring air in.
I clipped crab apple blossoms and brought them in for our entryway; I wish you could smell them.  Having fresh flowers in the house is so cheery and welcoming.

With the housework done, I plan to do some yard work today...

    *Plant these beauties (a Mother's Day gift)

    *Prune around flowering crab apple...blackberry bushes and alders are      starting to choke it out.

    *Mow the lawn (first time this year)

    *Replant pea seeds since the chickens ate the first planting...grrr!

    *Weed/Clean out one perennial garden

    Whew!!!  I have a lot planned for today...let's see if I can accomplish it all.

I'd love to see you come back next week for more from Front Forty Farm.  I have lots planned.  I want to share my new formula for  laundry soap's a little different than most I've seen. I have been tweaking it for months.

I also found some great little items at the thrift store that I'd like to show  you.  

Off to work outside.


  1. How lovely to live in a farm. We often think about moving to the countryside, we're in Paris at the moment, but every chance we get we try to get to my husband's family house in the Loire. Looking forward to following your blog!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. I read it and thought, "How lovely to live in Paris." Someday I hope to travel and visit your beautiful country.

  3. Looking forward to next week : ) always love looking at other peoples bargains!


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