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May 17, 2013

Spring's Symphony

It seems that in just a week the landscape went from drab grays and browns to luscious spring-green.  The grass is no longer a mat of dead thatch; it has miraculously turned into a carpet of flourishing green, ready for mowing; the buds have matured into leaves, and the violets added a touch of purple to springs's symphony.

The perennials are now an array of  healthy green fronds awaiting their moment of colorful splendor; the spindly stalks of the wild rose bushes are now covered in tender buds, and even the hydrangea bushes, which are the last in my yard to produce signs of new life, are producing green shoots.

 New life is everywhere.


The rose-breasted grosbeaks, goldfinches and purple finches are calling for their mates; a pair of swallows are making their nest in the eves of our house; apple and cherry blossoms are dotting the landscape with their delicate hues of pink and white.

 Frog eggs, laid in the murky edges of the pond, are producing millions of tiny polliwogs.  Spring is all around us, and summer is soon approaching.

Oh, yes, I mustn't forget...lesson #162 in Math...only eight more lessons to go!  Summer vacation is almost here.

What a splendid time of beginnings, new growth, new sounds, new adventures awaiting us!  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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