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June 5, 2013

Stroll Through the Garden

I play a game with the kids that Little #7 (he's five) really enjoys.  He asks almost every day if we can play it.  We listen to classical music, and I go around, asking each of them what particular instruments they can hear.  They always try to be the first one to mention a new instrument.  One of the pieces that we recently listened to was Vivaldi's Concerto No.4 (Winter).  It is lovely; I've been listening to it all day...such an energetic piece.  I thought if you opened this in a new tab, you could listen to Vivaldi while we "strolled" through my flower garden, possibly making my simple post more interesting.  Make sure you keep listening because the piece gets better as it progresses.

Let's go see what is blooming in my garden today (did you click on the link so you could listen to Vivaldi while we check out the blooms?)

Purple Iris 

Bearded Iris

Rosa Rugosa (the first blooms of the year)

Bachelor's Buttons

Princess Lilac (first bloom)


Now wasn't it fun "strolling" while listening to Vivaldi? Maybe sometime we could have a cup of tea with Mozart.


  1. I found your blog on Adorned From Above, and I just read through all your posts! About the garden pesticides. I have some pumpkin plants, and
    the larger one's leaves are getting eaten by something! Hopefully your pesticide will do the trick. Thank you for the tips. I love your blog, especially the gardens. I am an amateur gardener and crocheter, and I love what you are doing! I am a new follower :)

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I'm happy that you enjoy my blog and are following it. As a new blogger, encouraging comments like yours mean a lot.
      I hope my recipe works for you pumpkin bugs too! Try to spray once a week and after it rains. Let me know how it works.

  2. Your garden helps lend the feeling of age to your new "old" home as well as all the loving details and reuse of materials inside.


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