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July 31, 2013

Boys' Room Reveal

Hubby and I completed another room in our addition this past week...our two older boys' bedroom.  Hubby installed the floor molding, the door knobs, and the light fixture on Friday, and I moved the boys in Saturday.  After sharing a room with their two younger brothers (ages three and five), the older boys (ages nine and ten) are thrilled to finally have their own space...a place to display their Lego creations without the worry that little hands may find them, a place to hang out and get away from the hustle and bustle of our large family, a place to spread their wings and show their individualism, a place to call their own.  One of them kept saying, "Mom, it's like a dream...I have to keep telling myself that it's not a dream; that it is real!" 
It's nothing fancy; it's by no means a designer room, but it's simple and cozy, and they love it.
Want to see???
Come on in!!!

(I do want to apologize for the pictures...they did not come out as well as I would have liked them too, but I haven't really mastered the art of taking indoor photos yet.  I was too excited to show you the room to wait for better ones.)

We painted the walls orange.  I found a navy rug for $20 that I thought complemented the orange quite nicely.  My father-in-law gave us the beds; they were upstairs in his spare bedroom, and he no longer had use for them. They weren't very attractive; they didn't match, but they were free and had good bones.

I hauled out some sand paper and gray spray paint and went to work giving these tired beds a face-lift. I was quite pleased with the way the beds turned out.  The grey is a soothing contrast to the bright orange walls, and because the beds are now the same color, I don't mind that they aren't matching.

I wanted to put plaid, patchwork quilts on the beds to give a cozy country feel, and I envisioned making the quilts myself, but, I haven't gotten around to making them  yet. I went searching for quilts.  I did find one, a vintage quilt that my great-aunt had made and passed on to my mom.
I'm still looking for a second quilt for the other bed, but for now, this hand me down blanket will serve its purpose and keep my boy warm at night.
I bought simple black desk lamps for $6 each, so the boys could have a little reading time after going to bed.  We also purchased a four-shelf unit in the garage-storage section of Home Depot, and made it into two smaller units. We love how the shelves give a bit of an industrial feel to the room.
One shelf is used as a night stand between the two beds and proudly displays some favorite Lego characters.  It was very important to the boys that I included a photo of their Lego here it is.
The other unit is home to their CD and DVD players along with other special toys and magazines.
We hung an industrial-style light, and we transferred two paintings, that my mom made for our eldest son when he was a baby, from the old room to the new one.

The boys wanted a mirror, and I happened to find one that had a frame painted the same gray as their beds.
The boys are thrilled with their large closet (and so am I)...plenty of room for their guitars, keepsake boxes and basket of stuffed animals that they weren't quite ready to get rid of yet.
So there it is...nothing fancy, but we are so happy with the way it turned out. We tried to keep it clutter free so it would be easy for the boys to clean, and so far they have done a great job... making their beds every morning and bringing their dirty clothes down to the laundry.
I will take an updated photo once I find a quilt and hang the few decorative items that I mentioned on the walls. 

Total Spent on Room Decor (so far): $118.97
    *Shelving                     $56.00
    *Rug                           $20.00
    *Mirror                        $15.00
    *Spray Paint for Beds   $15.00
    *2 Lamps                    $12.00
    *Wastebasket                 $.97 
    *Beds                                $0
    *Quilt for One Bed              $0

Update on other rooms in addition:
I'm still working on moving into my laundry room and library.  The construction in the library is 99% complete (remember my Sneak Peek?); I'm only waiting for window grills and screens; the rest of the construction is done!  I have been having so much fun decorating this room.  Here's a tiny peek at what I have been working on...

I'm looking forward to sharing the final reveal of this room soon.

The construction in the laundry room is about 90% complete...still waiting for window grills and screens, installation of a wall shelf and faucets on the sink and tub.  I have been working on a "sneak peek" of this room and am anxious to share it with you all.
August is going to be a busy month for us with soccer camp, two birthdays, a trip to Vanderbilt University Children's Hospital and harvesting of the garden, but I'm hoping to sneak in a few hours at least to work on the completion of these two rooms. 

Thanks so much for stopping by...I just love sharing my excitement of our addition with you.  Have a great day!

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  1. What a happy, cozy room. I bet your older boys just love it. And your summer garden just looks beautiful!

  2. I'm giggling a little- go check out soulemama's blog. She just redid her boys' room, too. I love the paintings your mom did. Items made by family are so sweet to have. I love your birds' nests. One of my boys knows I love them and was very proud a couple years ago to bring one to me after he had been at a neighbor's house playing with their grandson and had a nest literally fall out of a tree and land at his feet.

    1. Now I'm giggling, Michelle...I think soulemama actually has the same exact bed as we do. Her room came out amazing! I love it! Thanks for pointing me her way.

    2. I thought so! Both rooms are so great, I'm actually a *little* jealous- our boys have an army themed room that needs finishing. I would far prefer one like these!

  3. Also, when I was a kid,I may or may not have had a nightgown with Bo Duke's face on it that read, "My heart belongs to Bo"

    1. Now I'm not just giggling...I'm laughing!!! I may have been jealous of that nightgown...;)

  4. What young man wouldn't like this room ? It's got everything...industrial styling,plaid, a place for Legos and "the General Lee" orange.
    The room is great. So glad your boys are enjoying it.

  5. There is nothing like having a space to call your own - at any age. The room turned out wonderful. Love the fun 'Duke' color you chose.
    Have a Lovely Evening,
    Pieced Pastimes

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments...I really appreciate reading them.


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