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July 11, 2013

Front Entry Makeover

It's been a busy week at Front Forty Farm. Two more rooms have been finished in our of them being my new laundry room.  I am over-the-top excited about this new space; not only is it functional, it's beautiful! I believe it's going to turn into Front Forty Central...becoming the room that manages the whole household, maybe even becoming busier than the kitchen. Hubby's superb craftsmanship and ability to do fine finish work is oh-so-evident in this room...I cannot wait to show it to you all.  The other room completed was my oldest daughter's bedroom.  After almost seventeen years of sharing a room with her sisters, this is a much needed retreat for her.  I think you will enjoy seeing her touch of personal style.
We also finished a much needed project outside...our entry.  The front door and steps were in desperate need of some TLC.  I'm embarrassed to show you the before pictures, but what are "after" pictures without the "before" mess?!?

Our front door is on the northeast side of our house and only gets morning sun.  This side, therefore, stays damp. The moisture from underneath the steps doesn't allow paint to adhere, and it continually chips and peels no matter what we do.  Although, I am a big fan of using only natural products in and around our home, after going through two, or maybe three, sets of treads, I agreed to Hubby's advice on using a manufactured decking material for the stair treads.
  Would you believe that I primed and painted these steps only a year ago?
 Our poor antique has not seen a new coat of paint in almost thirteen years.  So last Friday, Hubby came home from the home improvement store with a can of paint, asking me what I had planned for the day.  I hesitantly asked him what he had in mind as he held up the can of Barn Red paint. Excited to get started, I promptly popped the kids into their bathing suits, applied sunscreen, filled the kitty pool and put the baby in the stroller so he could watch the action.  The Little's splashed and sprayed each other while I scraped, sanded, caulked, patched, primed and painted our front door.
All ready for finish paint...
After working a full day in our addition, Hubby tore the old treads off the steps...
...and installed the new ones.
Like I mentioned before, I do not like using manufactured materials and putting fake "wood" on the steps leading up to my beloved, antique door was hard to swallow, but I am so glad we did it.  The entry looks amazing, and we don't have to worry about our steps peeling and rotting away beneath us anymore.

Here is the finished product!

So much better, don't you think?!?!

Thanks for stopping by my corner today. I hope you have a great day, and I look forward to having you visit again.  Over the next few weeks, I  will be working on revealing the new rooms in our house...I'm so excited to share more of the "Story of our House" with you.

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  1. Emily, that looks absolutely fantastic! I LOVE red for a front door. I think it is great that you used manufactured "wood" treads. We have these for our deck and railings in our home. They look great and maintenance is a breeze. Can't wait to see more of your addition. You and your husband are an amazing team, and all of this with your large family. What a welcoming front entry you have!

  2. What a gorgeous red! Don't worry about the "manufactured" treads - sometimes things don't work out the way you want, and anyway they look fabulous!

  3. Others may feel like your door needs a replacement, but the truth is it just needs a little makeover. You see, a simple paint job made your entry door look new. And it's truly fantastic! The doorway also became more inviting because of the changes you've done in the area. And it's good that you didn't forget about the trim and the stair threads as they totally needed some uplift.

    Mary Martin @ Jones & Associates

  4. All your door needed was a little makeover! I must also commend your painting skill. Without it, I'm positive, you would have not pulled this one through. Good luck on your other makeover projects!

  5. You and your husband did a great job! Your makeover project looked like it was done by a professional. Where did you got those ideas, by the way? Hope to see more of your other house projects!


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