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July 9, 2013

Which Wallpaper?

When I was a child I spent many days at my grandparents, and I remember watching, and eventually helping, my grandmother hang wallpaper.  She usually did a room a year as part of her spring cleaning. Burning wood was the only source of heat in their old farmhouse, and the walls would begin to look dingy after a few years.  Fresh wallpaper always made everything look so clean and bright. I loved looking through the outdated wallpaper books that she would pick up for me to play with.  I lined he rooms in my cardboard box doll houses with the pretty floral prints and made countless art projects with the colorful pages.  I have such fond memories of wallpapering with Grandma. 

So....I've chosen to add a little wallpaper to the new addition in our house.  All of the other rooms in our house have painted walls, but I thought this little entry room would be a perfect candidate for some wallpaper.  It is small with two doors on opposite sides.  One leads to the library, and the other is the entrance to the new laundry room.  The room really has no other function than to be a stepping stone to a larger, more important room, so I thought it would be nice to give it some offer it as a small gallery of color and design.
 I originally wanted to do a vintage wallpaper, but then I fell in love with some modern prints in House Beautiful Magazine.  Here are a few of my favorites...

Iltvilli, by Marimekko.  A New Look for Country?

Spot from

Escorial, based on a 16th century textile, by Pintura Studio

Dandelion Creatures, by 
After a bit of research, I found these lovely wallpapers to be a tad more than my quickly diminishing budget could afford, so I went to our local Sherwin Williams and picked up a few books.  Flipping through the pages reminded me so much of looking at those old wallpaper books at my grandmother's.

I was finally able to narrow it down to a few prints...



Which one???  Please help!  I would love it if you left a comment letting me know your choice...#1, #2, #3, or #4?
Thanks a bunch!


  1. I think I would go with #2 because it is a bit more traditional. I don't really like the others! Just sayin'! :) I can understand why you would want something a little more funky and fun, especially with lots of kids in the house. It's a small space, so you can change it easily if you find that it is a bit too trendy. The cows do go with your farm life, but the other animal prints seem too exotic for your farmhouse.

    Your hallway space looks wonderful! Love your blog too.

  2. I would choose number 4. I like the pop of color and I'm partial to red. In the end, it's up to you and I know which ever you choose it's going to look great. The new addition is lovely.

  3. Since your home is a farm home I would NOT use a giraffe or other non-farm animal. Also, maybe you should only do the back wall or at least do it first and see if you need the paper on the side walls or just paint on the side walls. The green cows are out! Please don't do green cows. If I have to select from these it would be #1, however, I would continue to look for other patterns until you find one you truly love and can live with. Just my thoughts.

  4. 3 & 4 are kind of trendy so they may not stand the test of time. #1 is classic and beautiful but #2 would look great in a small space if you can handle a busy pattern.

  5. I kinda like #4- our farmhouse is 98 years old and it looks like some that were in the many layers we peeled off when we first moved in. You also caused a light bulb to go off for me- now I realize WHY there were so many layers of wallpaper!!! There were so many great ones that I kept wishing we could have kept. This post makes me chuckle a bit- yesterday I started a big clean-out of our very tiny (as 98 year old bedrooms are wont to be) "master" bedroom. We have painted paneling in there and I've always wondered what was underneath. I found a loose spot and went ahead and tugged on it enough to get a peek- there is the coolest wallpaper! The background color is nearly the same as the paint in there, with white flowers and butterflies. Anyway, the decision will be tough, I'm sure- 1 and 2 are very pretty, too.

  6. I like #2 because it reminds me of the old linoleum in my grandmother's farmhouse.

  7. Thanks for responding to my question. I enjoyed discovering which ones you would choose, or would not. ;) And I appreciated your little bits of advise. I think I have decided on a pattern...just to let you know, the green cows are out. I liked them at first, but as time wore on, I realized that I wasn't going to like them in 6 months....too trendy and too "country". The kids loved them, but...I just couldn't use them.


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