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September 3, 2013

Thrifted Treasure #8

Hubby and I treated ourselves to a day out on Saturday.  Although our favorite place to be is at home, sometimes we need to step away to catch our breath and reset. We always come home refreshed with the much needed energy to parent our many little ones, to manage the household, and keep up with the farm chores. The summer was busy with little alone-time for the two us, and we knew if we didn't just take the time for ourselves, we never would. After waking and drinking a cup of coffee we headed out, first stopping for breakfast at a little diner style restaurant.  Hubby chose the Hungry Man's special...two eggs, two sausage links, two slices of bacon, two pancakes and hash browns, and, much to Hubby's surprise, I ordered the same thing.  I ate every bit of it. Being able to sit, uninterrupted, eating my whopping, unhealthy, greasy breakfast was delightful! I savored every bite of it.  After sipping coffee and indulging in a breakfast neither of us had to prepare, we went on a search for yard sales.  We stopped at a few, but soon found ourselves browsing the local antique stores. What fun we had, slowly poking our way through the old barns stuffed with relics from days gone by. We found many things that we would have like to bring home with us, but we narrowed it down to just a few treasures.

Hubby found a few hand tools that he had been looking for.  One of them was even thrown in for free.

Block Plane
Bevel Square
This one still has the old "Stanley Tools" logo on it.
We both love old books and enjoy searching for early publications of our favorite novels.  Although, we never find anything worth very much, we still fantasize of finding that highly coveted first edition that somehow was horribly, mistakenly overlooked and thrown into the junk pile headed for the flea market. (It is okay to dream...right?) We are captivated by the antique books, even the ones that aren't first editions or rare publications. Imagining the hands that once tenderly held those books in appreciation of the words so carefully chosen by its author; knowing that someone was taken "away" from their, maybe meager, dwellings to a land faraway; being taken back to the years gone by when books were the way to opening one's imagination are a few of the reasons Hubby and I treasure even the books that have been cast aside because of their perceived low value. Yes, we can read the same story on our electronic devices, probably for free, but owning a book that someone else loved and cherished many years ago, in our opinion, is priceless.
Hubby read the touching "autobiography" of Beautiful Joe told from the dog's perspective to the Littles, and I daresay he may have enjoyed it as much, if not more, than they. When we found this sweet little copy, printed in 1893, we both agreed it was coming home with us.

Hubby also found James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans and an old school book copy of "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner".

These three well-loved books will be added to our collection and put on the shelf in our library, hopefully to be taken off and read many more times.

I also found a few items that I just couldn't live without...
...two children's undergarments (for $1.00 a piece).  I couldn't resist; they were in great condition and very sturdy, in spite of their age.  I thought they would be adorable little tops for my just-turned-two year old.
Of course, I had to claim this sturdy wicker laundry basket as my own too. 
We had a great day.  I'm so glad that Hubby and I forced ourselves to take a break, despite all the projects and chores that seem to keep piling themselves up at our feet.  We came home refreshed and content...we love our farm and the homestead we have carved out for our family, but sometimes stepping away for a few frivolous hours is all it takes to remind ourselves of the many blessings we enjoy daily.

Thanks for stopping by my corner.  It is always such a pleasure to read the sweet comments you leave. This tired mama needs to get some shut-eye, so for now, good night!

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  1. What a great way to spend the day. We like to go out to breakfast and "hit" the sales too. More often than not we come home empty handed but we always have fun.

  2. Hi Emily, just found your blog from Finding Fabulous, really enjoyed reading your older posts too. I'm following on blogloven.

  3. I loved seeing your thrifted finds. That is my post today too. The tools are amazing. You can see they were well taken care of. I'm a reader so books are always a joy to bring home, especially ancient ones. You did well with everything!

  4. Glad to hear that you and your hubby had some time for yourselves. It does renew the soul to step away from our routines and take in some new surroundings on occasion. Your 'finds' are wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing at Saturday Sparks,
    Pieced Pastimes


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