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October 10, 2013

All In a Day

I wake to the sound of my husband's alarm.  It is still dark outside; the air is chilly, and I snuggle even deeper under the pile of warm blankets on my bed.  I don't want to face the day, not quite yet.  It is going to be a busy one. Yes, most days are busy here at Front Forty Farm, but this particular day has more than usual scheduled into it. Another hour of sleep is just what I need to prepare myself for the non-stop activities of the day ahead.

Upon waking, I quickly don my wool-lined slippers, throw a shawl over my shoulders, and turn on the tea kettle, feeding the kitten while waiting for the water to boil.  I then pour hot water over the fresh coffee in my French press, wait a perfect amount of time, then sit with my steaming mug of coffee and do a bit of blogging.
As I'm nearing the end of my second cup, the Littles are starting to become restless.  They are ready to take this new day by storm.  They are beginning to shed the blankets that they curled up in upon waking, the toy cupboard is emptied, and questions of what is for breakfast can be heard in every room.  Diapers are quickly changed and pajamas are replaced with pants and warm sweaters. A few choose yogurt and bananas for breakfast while others settle for cereal.
After breakfast is cleared away, chores begin...clean dishes from the night before are put away, beds are made, animals are fed, and laundry is started.
The littlest Littles go the living room for more playtime with legos and blocks while the older Littles find their school books and sharpen their pencils. Learning time begins.
In between math lessons and the study of mammals, I squeak out a moment to chop veggies and brown the meat for beef stew.  I throw it all in the crock pot, knowing later than night I will be thankful that supper is prepared  and waiting for us.
Before we know it, the clock is telling us to put away our books and grab a quick lunch, even though a few of us aren't finished yet...we will have to catch up tomorrow.  The afternoon is full of appointments.  My daughter runs to the garden for a few fresh veggies while another prepares sandwiches.
After lunch, Little #6 and I buckle into the car and settle in for a forty-five minute ride to the doctor's.  The air is crisp and the sky a beautiful shade of  blue, perfect weather for a drive.  I am thankful the little girl in the seat behind me is healthy, and the visit today is only routine.

After leaving the doctor's office, we drive to the lab for blood work.  This brave little girl only mumbles a soft "ouch" when pricked in the arm, never losing her contagious smile.  If only I could be as strong and courageous as she.
After leaving the lab, we find that we have a few minutes to stop at the local Goodwill.  Little #6 finds a glow-in-the-dark pumpkin pail that she can decorate with stickers, and I find two books and a lamp shade. (Speaking of Goodwill, do you remember the salt and pepper shakers I recently was so excited to find? Well, upon arriving home, my daughter reluctantly informed  me one of them fell out of the cupboard and broke.  So sad.)
After a few minutes at home, enough time to grab a cup of tea, put on a few more layers of warm clothing, and start another load of laundry, we pack up and proceed to the next  set of events, back to back soccer games. 
Shivering from being out in the chilly evening air, we are all thankful for the warm, beef stew waiting for us at home.  Before entering the welcoming warmth of the house, in spite of my numb finger tips, I quickly snap this picture of the beautiful sunset.
A supper-time discussion of the daily events, kitchen clean-up, and pajamas for all...
While Hubby reads with the little ones before tucking them in for the night, I start another load of laundry, explain a bit of chemistry to my eldest, and write out a birthday card for my grandmother, who will be turning 93 years of age this week. 
The last of the Littles go to bed, the dog is fed, and the doors are locked. All is finally quiet. Hubby and I breath deeply as we settle into the evening with a cup of tea and a bit of reading before our heavy eyelids win the battle, and we drift off into a night of peaceful slumber...

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  1. Sounds like how our days have been lately! Glad to know we're in good company! :) Life sure has been super busy lately and I have to admit I'd really like it to slow down a bit! With all that we still have left to do to get ready for winter it doesn't look like that will be the case any time soon!


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