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October 8, 2013

Sewing Plans

I am very anxious to start sewing again and am looking forward to the slower, less busy days of late fall when soccer season has come to an end, and the final bit of gardening and yard work are complete. Although I have not actually done any sewing, I have been planning lots of projects and have started compiling a list of things I'd like to sew for Christmas this year. 
This darling mama cat and her kittens is at the top of my list. I know two little girlies that would love to find this mama under the tree this year.  I came across the pattern on etsy a few weeks ago, and I can't wait to get started on it.  I have a pile of fabric scraps that I think will be perfect for little Miss Kitty and her babies.
I also want to make a few nightgowns for my youngest daughter.  I have a bolt of cream colored flannel that I purchased for $1.50 a yard a few years ago which will be perfect for a few snugly, warm nighties. I'm going to use a vintage pattern, similar to this one, that my mom gave to me.

I also have plans for making a quilt (or two). A while ago, I stumbled upon some batik fat quarters that I knew had to be turned into a quilt for a special young lady.  I briefly mentioned them in a post a few weeks ago.
I couldn't quite decide what pattern I wanted to use until I found this Giant Vintage Star Quilt Tutorial .  It's perfect...exactly what I was looking for (although, I really didn't know what I wanted until I saw it). I think the batik fabric will look great in forming the star, and the soft, blue-grey, cotton sheet  that I found at the Goodwill for $1.99 will be a nice compliment as the background fabric.  The pattern is simple, nothing fussy or complicated, and it looks like it will sew up quickly.  I am going to use a light weight fleece blanket in place of the batting and another thrifted flannel sheet as the backing.
Although, I have not done any sewing, I grabbed a moment last Sunday, when most of the family was at church and I was home nursing a cold, to iron the freshly washed fabric and cut out my quilt pieces.  I now have a nice stack of triangles ready and waiting for that free moment when I can actually sit down at my machine.
My Christmas sewing list will continue to grow, but for now I look forward to working on these current project ideas.  Do you have any sewing plans for projects that you would like to share? If so, I would love to read about them. Please, feel free to leave a link in the comments to your projects or ideas;  it is always fun and inspiring to see what others are working on.


  1. I love all of the projects you've picked out. I need to start on my gift list as well.

    I'm a new follower and have enjoyed reading over past posts! :)


    1. Thanks, Missy, for stopping by. I look forward to seeing again. :)

  2. wow, love these sewing projects....I have been wanting to try to make a nightie but have some fear as my sewing skills are limited......maybe this will be the year to give it a go!!!!! and oh those cats!!!

    your blog is lovely and you seem to be making magic with your family! thanks for sharing!


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