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October 17, 2013

Busy Days, SimpleThings

I have officially proclaimed this week to be the busiest one of the fall so far with two birthdays to celebrate, three final soccer games to watch, an emergency orthodontist appointment, a three hour visit to the ophthalmologist with baby (all but ten minutes was spent in the waiting room without my knitting), birthday shopping, gift wrapping and a visit from Grandpa.  I feel like I have been racing against the clock every day, and I'm starting to feel a bit tired and grumpy.  I thought it might be an appropriate time to take a deep breath and share with you five simple things that brought a smile to my face this week.

~a beautiful display of color in our driveway

 ~freshly dug potatoes

~this Clematis bloom, found in my garden on the way to dig potatoes (I guess it doesn't realize it's a June-blossoming flower. )

~chats with my daughters while they eagerly learn to knit
~This book

I'm off to start another very busy day, but I look forward to the hopefully slower, less hectic days of next week. I have a few thrifty treasures that I am eager to show you , and I hope to start taking photos of our new library; it is finally complete, and I am so excited to share it with you.

Thanks for stopping by.   I hope you will come back and visit my corner soon. 

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  1. I read this book and really like Francine rivers.


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