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October 15, 2013

Beginnings of a Giant Star Quilt

This past weekend I stole some time to retreat to my new sewing/laundry room (which, by the way, is almost ready for the final reveal; the last project was being worked on today). Hubby took over watching and feeding the Littles, so I could sew for a few, uninterrupted hours. I decided to start with the quilt that I mentioned in my Sewing Plans last week. I'm making a giant star quilt using this tutorial, and since I had already washed the fabric and cut out the quilt pieces, I jumped right in by sewing my triangles together.
Since this quilt only has sixteen blocks, with four of them being single color squares and the others being two large triangles sewn together, sewing the quilt blocks did not take much time at all. Next I ironed the seams. At first, I thought I would iron the seams open, but since the seam allowances were only 1/4", I quickly decided to simply iron the seams to one side.  The squares were ready for the next step, and this is where I strayed from the tutorial a bit.  Typically one would sew the squares together, add batting and a backing, bind the ends, and quilt.  I, however, decided to quilt-as-I-go.  As I mentioned in Sewing Plans, I chose to replace the batting for this quilt with thin, fleece blankets that we no longer have use for. I tend to be a bit unconventional when I sew. I enjoy the challenge of trying to save money by using what I have. My Dutch grandmother always said, "Necessity is the mother of invention," and I try to live by that little tidbit of wisdom that she left with me.
I cut sixteen fleece squares the same size as my quilt block and then carefully pinned the two fabrics together.  Since I decided to keep the quilting simple by sewing only a large "X" on the each square, I strategically placed the pins in an "X" on the square and used them as a guide when I brought the fabric to my machine for sewing.  Since I don't own many quilting tools, I borrowed a carpentry tool from Hubby to use as a straight edge when making the "X" with my pins (I told you I was a bit unconventional). 
I found the fleece to be very easy to work with.  It clung nicely to the cotton fabric, holding it in place and keeping it from, not only was the "batting" material free, it made my job easier.  I love it when things work out that way, don't you?
I quilted all sixteen squares by sewing a large "X" on them, and now I have a beautiful stack of quilt squares ready for the next step.  I'm anxiously looking forward to another date with my sewing machine, and I already have plans for another quilt when this one is completed (I would love to have three of them finished before Christmas).
Thanks for stopping by my little corner and letting me share my first sewing adventure of the season with you.  If any of you have any projects that you are working on, I'd love to see them...just leave a link in the comments section.  Goodbye for now.


  1. Hi Emily, I am also a New Englander but have lived in Florida for some time, and love to quilt. I like this pattern because it is not complicated. I have to do a couple for Christmas also. The colors are so nice and bright! Hope your husband takes over real soon so you could get it done. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

    1. Thanks, Lisa, for your sweet comment. This quilt has been fun to work on since it is going together so quickly. I hope Hubby can take over real soon too...I love sewing. ;)

  2. I really like this design, definitely impressive, and please, please do take some finished photos! I've been wanting to make a quilt with a star on it and seeing yours laid out like this makes it look doable. I just found the very start of one of your other quilts too, and the fabrics on that one look gorgeous as well. Hurry up with those photos! X


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