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November 13, 2013

Thrifted Treasure #11 and a New Hat

Little #9 found herself with a lovely new hat this week, and she is ever so excited.  She did not want to take it off, and when it did come off she would say, "My hat!  My hat!  Where hat?"   I think it is the most darling little thing, and I am so happy that she likes it and will keep it on her head.

Grandma made the felted wool hat a few months ago, but she wasn't quite happy with how it turned out, so she stashed it away, thinking she would come back to it another time.  Well, last week when Hubby and I took Little #6 to the big city to visit her lung specialist, we took the opportunity to stop at a few of our favorite Goodwills. Now that I have reacquainted myself with knitting, I immediately go to the arts and crafts sections to look for needles.  I didn't find any needles this time, but I found a huge garbage bag full of the most beautifully colored embroidery wool, some of it vintage.  I bought the entire bag for $6.00.  I wasn't sure exactly what I would do with it, but the colors were too beautiful to pass up, and I knew, with a house full of little ones who love craft projects, we would find a use.

When I showed mom my thrift store score she gasped and said, "Oh, these pieces would make the most beautiful flowers!"  I knew immediately that mom was going to be taking this bag of wool home with her. The next day she came over and gave Little #9 her beautiful new hat, embellished with flowers made from my $6.00 bag of wool.  I can't wait to see what else Grandma makes with the thrifted wool.

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