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June 19, 2014

Five Simple Pleasures

The past few weeks have been rather hectic here on the farm, and my blog hasn't gotten the time or attention that I would like to give it.  I'd say it almost feels neglected.  I've come to really enjoy my blog, and the lovely friends I have made through blogging, and  I look forward to slower days next week and hopefully getting back to spending a bit more time writing and catching up. 

With a late spring, many of the farm and garden chores that would have been done weeks ago have piled up, and Hubby and I are scurrying to get them done.  We finally finished planting the garden this week, with the potatoes going in just yesterday.  I'm not sure how well they will do going in so late, but we shall see.  I am praying for a late fall with an even later frost.

Although we have set aside our text books for the summer, it seems that the "free" time I was anticipating has been filled up with many other things, and after a long (but healthy) winter, the Littles have come down with and are passing around an unpleasant bout of fever, aches and a sore throat. Being sick in the summer just doesn't seem right.

Soccer camp started up this week, and two of  my sisters, one traveling half-way around the world with her three children and the other from across the country, have come home to visit. With the constant buzz of activity during the day, I literally fall into bed at night (sometimes before three or four of my children), but the tiny no-see-ums that make it through the window screen are intent at keeping me awake.  I am tired.

With my head spinning in so many directions, I decided it would be a great time to focus on five simple pleasures this beautiful month of June has offered me.

     ~ a lovely new porch for sipping morning coffee

     ~ the discovery of baby grapes on our vines

     ~ Clematis blossoms on a plant that I thought had perished

     ~ bouquets of flowers brought to me by little, chubby hands

     ~  healthy Fortex pole bean plants -- This is the first time in five years that I have ordered my seeds early enough to actually purchase the seeds for my all-time-favorite pole bean...they are always sold out by the time I order. I had a few seeds that a friend gave to me last year, but our guinea hens made a meal of the seeds shortly after I planted them.  I'm looking forward to many meal of these savoury beans.

Please, do share some of the simple pleaures that may be putting a smile on your face these days.


  1. Oh dear, I know what you mean about being poorly in Summer, we've been having that round here. And check to the falling into bed bit too! Blogging is sometimes hard to keep up with, the trouble is that that's purely 'our' time and 'our' time is always the time that has to give. Hoping for slower days for both of us some time soon X

  2. Oh I hope that the little ones are much better now and that you get some well earned rest. I'm constantly in amazement at how much you do and how much you must give up to do it all. Maybe in the autumn and winter months you will be able to indulge yourself in a little more 'me' time and spend lots of it writing your lovely blog. In the meantime it's lovely to see how your garden is growing and read about the things that are making you smile.
    The simple pleasures that I've enjoyed recently have been: finding little vintage treasures, picking big bunches of blooms from the garden and enjoying the sent in the house, making elderflower cordial and best of all a weekend with Ahmad and Hannah...oh and walks in the woods with them...
    Take care of yourself

  3. whoops, that should be 'scent'


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