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October 21, 2014

Taking a Minute

As I have mentioned before, October is a very busy month for us, probably the busiest out of the entire year.  It's a different kind of month for us since one, two, or sometimes all of us leave the farm almost every day. The rest of the year is spent mostly on the homestead, learning and working, creating and playing.  As a result, the activities of this month take a bit of juggling, a bit of planning, a bit of adjustment and a whole lot of working together to keep everything running smoothly. During this month much of our focus is on the necessities...laundry, meals, general picking up, school lessons, daily farm chores...but the bigger projects, the gardening, the deep cleaning, the buttoning down for winter, the leisurely moments spent at the sewing machine are all put on hold until this short busy season is over. Although we have fun, by the end of it we are all ready to get back to our simple routine on the farm and are happy that we don't run at this pace the entire year.  I am excited to start sewing again, to finish Little #9's sweater, to purge and organize a few spaces in the house and make it feel cozy for the upcoming months. Little #3 said at the dinner table last night that she wanted the house to feel more "fall-like" because it still has the feel of summer.  I, too, want that, and I'm excited that I'll soon be spending my time at home, doing the things that my heart is yearning for. Since this week ends our busy season, I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments this month.

  Savoring the beautiful colors on all of our trips back and forth to town

  Spotting a Mama deer and her baby in our travels and looking across the street to find...

   ...another mama and her baby

  Cheering for Little #2 as she played her first year of high school soccer...

Soccer moments captured by my eldest daughter.

  Noticing these Canadian geese flying south for the winter...

  Snuggling with the newest members of our family...

  Enjoying magnificent sunsets

  Stealing one day for a family outing
Yes, it's been a crazy, busy, hectic month, but when I take the time to stop and think about all the small things that made this month special, all that craziness seems to melt away and I'm left with only the sweet memories.


  1. Lovely! Here the Canada geese just tease, south one day, back north the next! Since we don't have much of a "real" winter, most of them actually just stick around, honking loudly, taunting and tormenting the members of my family who wish for snow (everyone except hubby, who has to drive to work in it!). Owen, my five year old, keeps asking, "Is Fall over yet? I want it to snow!" Poor guy, I believe it's predicted that we may have none whatsoever this year. We will be starting soccer next year, I confess I dread it a little bit, but it will be nice to have the busy build up before settling into Fall. I look forward to your Fall projects and family time!

  2. What beautiful photos, looks like it was a great month. And I will, will, will, send you a message about vintage sheets, and get myself into gear with them, I'm feeling very guilty that I haven't done anything earlier, but have comforted myself with the thought that you were obviously far too busy in the garden and enjoying Summer, but now you're clearly about to hit sewing season so I'll start cutting...

    1. Now don't you feel guilty for one single second! We have all winter to make good on our quilt square swap...I haven't cut any either. ;)

  3. What a beautiful sunset photo and those kittens are just too cute! Yes it's good to get back to a simple routine after a busy period and have sewing projects to look forward to. :-) x

  4. There's definitely a busyness about October isn't there; getting ready for the winter to come, even here where our winters are mostly just wet and damp. Your pictures are gorgeous, and how wonderful to see the Mama and Baby deer - they're just stunning!

  5. I love how, even though you've been so busy, you've made time to notice and record so much beauty around you. October is no busier than usual for us really, but this last week has been very hectic and we're all glad we have a week long half term break from school next week. And those kittens are just adorable! x

  6. What a lovely post Emily. It's good to look back and see all that you have accomplished, especially these sweet memories.
    I hope that this weekend falls into the category of a cosy, toasty fall-like weekend.


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