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July 2, 2013

More Rainy Days

Good morning,
It's a rather dreary day here at Front Forty Farm.  We have been in a stalled out weather pattern of clouds, thundershowers and rain for more than a week.  The sun pokes out here and there for a moment, but it never stays very long.  The temperatures have been warm with very high humidity.  Everything is sticky.  I feel as though I just may rust if I don't feel the drying warmth of the sun soon. This past weekend, however, I was able to spend some peaceful, rainy days with my childhood friend, high-school locker buddy and college room-mate who is visiting from 2700 miles away...she and I listened to the rain, drank lots of tea on the porch of the 1920's lakeside inn she is staying at, ate good food and reminisced about the "old" days.  The rain forced us to cancel a few plans, but it felt good to sit and do nothing.  As a mom to ten, sitting and doing nothing is not usually on my list of priorities.  I did, however, squeeze in some time yesterday to mow the lawn, with the help of my daughter, and poke around in my flower gardens for a bit.

The rose bushes are looking a bit sad; they have lost many of their beautiful blossoms from the downpours.  I did salvage a few more petals for the project I'm working on, though, and I'm hoping to reveal the finished project in a few weeks.

The new grass that we planted a few weeks ago, however, did quite well and responded nicely to the daily "watering".
The very large toad that Little #8 found in one of my gardens didn't seem to mind his soggy environment either.
My Daughter's Photography

My Daughter's Photography
Little #8 "cuddled" his newly found friend and then decided it was time to gently release him back to his home.  He couldn't stop following me around telling me how "cute" the toad was.  I love how kind he is to all the critters he  finds, never wanting to injure any of them.  He even brings dead caterpillars to me, saying in a sad tone, "Poor thing..."
My Daughter's Photography
Sid is not happy that his favorite napping spot under the roses in damp and wet.

The Japanese Lilac tree is full of blooms, but the rains have kept the butterflies away. This little moth, however, did brave the showers for a bit.
The Littles are starting to suffer from cabin fever too...puzzles, coloring books and movies are starting to lose their intrigue.  We are all hoping the rains stop soon so we can resume our normal, summer activities.  The older girls are spending the 4th of July weekend with their grandparents and cousins at the family camp, and we are all praying the weather turns bright so they can enjoy the water and sand.
Well, that is all for now...thanks for stopping by my rainy corner.  I do hope you all have a great day!  See you soon!

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